Multiply: Treasure

February 4, 2018
Investing our treasure in the Kingdom of God is important. We don't like talking about it, but it's necessary. But, it's more than giving a certain percentage or dollar amount.…

Multiply: Talents

January 29, 2018
All of us have been given talents, skills, and abilities from God. How we choose to use them is very important. In this sermon we look at 1 Peter 4…

Multiply: Time

January 22, 2018
Time is one our most precious resources. Often, we choose to not use it wisely. As we consider Ephesians 5:15-21 we challenged to invest our time wisely to help multiply…


January 17, 2018
God has entrusted us with much. Do we use it ti multiply his kingdom?We look to Matthew 25 chapter verses 14-33 to gain insight about investing what we have to…


January 9, 2018
In this sermon we talk abut the need to have the right kind of foundation. This has several purposes that we will discover as we look at Ephesians 2:17-22. To…
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