Life Groups


We are launching brand new Life Groups in January, 2020.

Part of the path of discipleship is Developing Spiritual Maturity. The best opportunity for this to occur is in a Life Group. In this setting we build deeper relationships with God and one another.

The best opportunity for this to occur is in a Life Group where we build deeper relationships with God and one another. We simply cannot develop spiritual maturity in isolation and need others to walk with us in the journey.

Life groups provide an environment where we can grow with a purpose, along a biblical path, within a community of believers. These provide accountability, biblical truth, and meaningful fellowship. 

Now that the principles have been laid out, let’s discuss what Life Groups actually do. They meet each week to study scripture, pray, provide accountability, and instill a heart for service. Some groups will choose to serve snacks or meals (yay, food!). As relationships grow deeper, members of the group will be able to help one another out with various needs as a natural byproduct of their relational depth.

Study Materials

For 2020, we are going to be working through Core 52, by Mark Moore. The books helps us get (rebuild) a basic understanding of the 52 most important passages in the Bible over the course of a year. Each person will spend just 15 minutes per day studying, memorizing, etc. Then we will discuss thee material in the Life Group meeting. More information about the book and its author can be found at: . You may feel free to order the book on your own (currently cheapest through Amazon) or order one through the Life Group sign-up sheet.

Core Values

– Forming healthy relationships and showing respect to others.
– Striving to challenge, encourage, and inspire – never to tear down or discourage.
– Creating a safe atmosphere to share be known.

– Gathering to study Scripture, not just man’s opinion.
– Maintaining biblical accuracy according to WUCC’s Doctrinal Statements
– To apply Scripture to daily life and be held accountable to spiritual growth.

Developing Spiritual Maturity
– Spiritual maturity is a process of becoming more like Jesus.
– We submit ourselves to Jesus to allow him to align our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and way of life to him.

– Groups members invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to join their group.
– When groups reach 14 members, plans will be made with the minister, group leader, and apprentice to divide the group.

– When joining a group, you are committing yourself to the members of that group as a spiritual family. It’s more than an event, but a time to be and grow with family.
– Guard your time and make meeting with your group a top priority.
– Plan on attending every life group meeting. Contact your group leader if you are unable to attend.