Going to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. We have created this page to help you get a handle on what happens when w gather for worship.

We have a more relaxed atmosphere so, outside of being immodest, people wear a variety of clothes. Jeans, button up shirts, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and the occasional suit and tie. Wear what will be comfortable but don't be a distraction to others (Hint: don't come in wearing blaze orange or super reflective sequins).

Currently, our music is piano driven. We do hymns and some contemporary songs. We are open to new songs and including more instruments as talent is available.

Behind the church building on Wabash Ave. is a gravel parking lot. Also, handicapped parking is available next to the annex (it has big letters indicating ANNEX) next to ramps for the sanctuary and upper educational facilities. Additional parking is available on Front Street and next to the school board building on Route 18. If you par where you can see the building and you are not in someone's yard, you will be okay.

Getting in the Building
Once you have parked the next step is getting inside. To get in the main sanctuary you have two options. There is a large staircase on the front of the church that faces 18. There is also a ramp on the Wabash Ave. side. Next to that ramp is another that leads to the children's Sunday school classes.

To get to the fellowship hall, you can go down the steep stairs at the back of the stage in the sanctuary. Otherwise, you can enter through the door on the back of the fellowship hall by the offices. There is a sign on the outside door indicating "Office". To orient yourself, outside that door is a big 2 door garage and small shed. Once you have those in sight, you should be able to find the door.

If all else fails, enter the main sanctuary and one of the greeters will point you in the right direction.