Christmas Concert

Date and Time

Sunday, December 22nd at 7pm.


The concert will be held in our auditorium located on the corner of Wabash Ave and RT 18 N. As you are leaving West Union north on Route 18, you will come to a sharp turn in the road about a quarter mile past the blue Napa store. We are located in that sharp bend. You can park in the parking lot on Wabash Ave and enter through the ramp on Wabash. Additional parking is available along Front Street.


Christmas is a time for celebration. While we enjoy the festivities, family times, exchanging of gifts, and the abundance of food, there is one thing that gives rise to great celebration. That is, we sing for joy at the fact that Jesus entered our world to rescue us from our mistakes and rebellion against him. We celebrate that our broken relationship with the Creator of All has been mended. We celebrate to help others hear of the hope we have through Jesus. 

Song of Joy features a variety of songs that include classic Christmas carols and contemporary songs of praise. These are woven together to tell the story of Jesus’ entrance into our world and what it’s like to know him as our great rescuer. We celebrate, are filled with awe, express joy, contemplate, and declare our hope.

After the concert concludes, refreshments will be served.