Skinny Santa Series

Each Sunday leading up to Christmas we will be in a sermon series called “Skinny Santa.” Here’s the skinny on what’s going on.

Are you frustrated with how fat Christmas has become? It’s too fat on our calendars, with way too many events. It’s too fat on our wallets, with all of those gifts we have to buy. And let’s face it: our waistlines don’t do too well over Christmas either. In the midst of the chaos of the Christmas season, we tend to forget the most important thing, the birth of Jesus.

But what if Santa wasn’t the problem but the solution? You may not know this, but Santa started off as a skinny pastor named Nick who was known for helping children in need. So this Christmas, we invite you to celebrate Skinny Santa with us.
Don’t worry parents. We will try to not spoil the fun for you kids. We are talking about Santa BEFORE he got to the north pole.

Each week there will be discussion questions for families and small groups posted at

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